Best natural styling goop for 3a/b?

Hi there! I'm a 3a/b natural gal and I was wondering if you all have a recommendation for styling cremes to de-frizz and define my curls? At current I use Suave's styling creme mousse but I'm wanting to move toward something that doesn't make my hair so crunchy and isn't so drying (it had alcohols in it). Any suggestions? Particularly desired is something that'll weigh out my hair just a little bit and unify the ringlets. Thanks!

3 Answers

I am loving the Shea Moisture line for my 3b curls right now. I've used many products, including As I Am, Deva Curl, Miss Jessie's, Design Essentials, LA Looks gel and even my own DIY stuff. My hair goes through moods, so I'm constantly changing up things depending on what my hair is doing. To weigh your hair down, I would try the LOC method. It's very nourishing and I find I get extremely defined, shiny curls that are a bit more stretched and controlled. I find that mixing a bit of the Shea Moisture hair milk with the curling gel souffle gives me amazing results for the C part in the LOC method. Have fun trying new things, you could also opt into getting a curlbox subscription to test out different products. Hope this helps!
Deva Curl would be a good one to try.  You can also Try CURLS.  They have botanical gels that will add to your hair rather than take away from I.  Gels are the best for defrizzing.  If you do not like the crunch, try a crunchless gel. Otherwise wear the crunch for a day and I will soften itself thereafter.
Have you tried using/making flax seed gel? It leaves my hair really defined and shiny! I don't even buy styling products anymore because I like that's it's all natural.