What are some of the best products to help re-activate the curl??

My hair is between. 3a and 3b. It is also thin being highly sensitive to thick products with a lot of moisture. I need my curls to bounce back up because lately they feel very limp and lifeless. I do highlight just the crown area of my hair. I tried Shea moisture and absolutely hated it. Also bumble and bumble, catwalk, Paul Mitchell, ouidad and redken. Anyone know of styling products and conditioner that will put some bounce and life back in them??? I'm thinking of trying deva curl.  

1 Answer

One of the best expensive brands is bee mine it is light and works great for thin and thick hair; it brings the curl back with a nice bounce. The second is the one I would try first that's cheaper and that's Cantu Shea Butter conditioning hair lotion this work amazing to bring back your curls with a spring.its my go to hair product thya is affordable and works. Hope this helps:)PS both products work on thin hair you just need less.