Best styling for defining curls in air dried 2B/C hair

I think I have type 2 hair, and match up with some bits of 2B and 2C. I have some waves, some curls, and some bits that sit straight on random Wednesdays! It straightens well, won't hold a styled curl, tends to look a little frizzy and curly but without much definition. I wash, condition and air dry my hair, rarely do I use so much as a hairdryer. I do wrap it in a microfibre hair towel to soak up most of the water. What products are good for this kind of hair that I can use to help define curls?(That aren't too expensive and available in the UK). I've used John frieda frizz ease serum, which sort-of-works but can feel a bit crunchy or greasy if I put too much in. Thanks! 

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