Any blow dryer/diffuser recommendations?

I have 3B/3C, medium length, super thick hair and if I don't blow dry after my shower it takes hours to dry, frizzes up, and just remains flat on the top. I'm currently using the Featherweight 2 T3, which is a great dryer... but it takes FOREVER to dry my hair. I have to wake up 45 minutes earlier than I need to everyday to dry my hair and most of the time it's not completely dry by the time I have to go. I love using this dryer when I have the time, but since I'm a student with early morning classes I don't have the luxury. Can anyone recommend a blow dryer (doesn't matter if it's expensive or not -- anything for efficiency lol) w/ diffuser that's ionic and can dry quicker? I'm not looking for a super powerful dryer, but I do want one that can cut my drying time in half without causing a copious amount of frizz. Thank you!

1 Answer

Diffusers with a wide diameter and long prongs works best for not causing frizz in the drying process. As for dryers, I own a remington and it speed is pretty good.