Breakage Causing Frizz?

It seems the majority of my frizz issues are actually caused by breakage. I was examining the frizzing on my hair today and realize it was just super short hair!!! I don't know what's causing this breakage. I put my hair in a ponytail a few times a week but it's not crazy tight. I do use bobby pins when I ponytail it because I have lumps and hairs sticking up.I sleep on a satin pillow so that's not it. I have my hair in a "messy bun" for sleeping and lounging, it's not a tight hairstyle though. When my hair is drying after my shower I have to pin a piece back from either side of my face because my hair is shorter and curlier there and if I don't I have a random short corkscrew curl on each side of my face like little ears. I usually take it down after a while but often have to pin it back again when it starts to stick up again.Any tips? I use gel and leave in and a straightening balm which seems to be working for most of my hair.

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