Any bun hairstyles for curly hair that doesn't stretch your curls out?

Hello there!! So I recently found out I have curls (long story short: I'm sixteen, always used a brush, only curly head in my family) and I wear a hijab, a headscarf, so that means I nearly always have my hair in some sort of bun. The problem is though, that my curls get stretched out when put in a bun for a long period of time, and my hair is already in a fragilee state as is (with my curl routine being new and all) and frizzes really easily. Any idea of a curly bun that doesn't stretch my hair out? Thanks for any help, in advance!!! <3~ Love, New Curlie

1 Answer

Hi, if I want to wear a bun without stretching my curls I generally gather my hair as if I wanted to do a very loose ponytail making sure I don't stretch  any of my curls but just gather them and then I twist my hair very loosely and pin it down with bobby pins until it feels secure enough. To avoid frizz I would recommend to carefully choose your hijab fabric, choosing silk and satin over coton or using a silkier fabric underneath so it doesn't absorb your hair moisture and doesn't cause too much friction.