Can someone help me with a night time hair routine?

okay so I usually wash my hair at night because i don't have time to in the mornings during school. My regular routine is i condition my hair in the shower and apply Shea Moisture  Curling Gel souffle. I dont really like this product by the way. So any suggestions? Anyway after applying the product theough my hair i usually braid my hair in side pig tails or wear it in a bun (leaving my hair down to sleep would be impossible it would be huge , frizzy and tangled the following morning) but after doing this routine when i wake up in the morning my hair is sometimes frizzy and had ridixulous volume so i usually just end up pinning it halfway up with bobby pins. So any suggestions?!?!

1 Answer

This sounds like a good routine, I do it most of the time. But in order to prevent frizz and poofiness the next morning, try spritzing some water into your hair to dampen it and then add a frizz tamer / curl definer to your hair. You should notice a lot of difference and pretty, defined curls.Here are some products that a lot of ppl in our community love, which can be a replacement for your current styling product.