Cold hair curls?! New to natural. Help!!

Hiya!I'm mixed Caucasian and Jamaican and have 3b hair at the moment, I think. I grew up with my white mother who had no idea what to do with my then 3c hair so as soon as it was possible I began straightening (with straighteners not relaxers). I started at about 14, I'm now 27 and have decided to ditch them. I have no idea what I'm doing or how to do it.. I've been using tigi foxy curls cream and letting my hair air dry which produces nice corkscrew ringlets, the thing is I live in the UK and now it's getting colder will not have the time to air dry! It takes around 3 or 4 hours in the heat!What do I do? Blow drying with a defuser produces such insane frizz it's like my hair is sticking straight up and I loose all curl definition.Any help would be so appreciated. I'm really none the wiser with what to do with my natural hair and I'd love any tips you have. I really don't want to go back to straighteners as it's been such an emotional journey finally accepting and growing to love my curls!!Sydney xx

1 Answer

After you shower and put your products and everything wait 30 minutes and then diffuse or diffuse it when it's somewhat dry so it doesn't create frizz ,shower at night or when you're not going out , and do a diy protein treatment once a month these treatments are very important in my opinion cause if you just keep putting moisture in your hair you'll end up with over moisturized hair a lot of naturals including me have experienced this in the start of their journey search about over moistured/ over conditioned hair and diy protein treatments to get a better idea about it , and deep condition once a week , styling products are not that important just make sure you have a leave in to keep your hair moisturized and after a while you can do the big chop to get rid of the damaged strands