How to create free curls on the top of my head?

I'm not really sure how to word this question but I am having a lot of trouble styling my hair after washing it. If I comb my hair straight back in the shower and then try to diffuse upside down afterwards my curls have already formed going backwards so any attempt to create volume just creates frizz. If I comb my hair in a part and then try to flip my hair the opposite way, the curls have already formed going either side of my face so they flip straight back to their original direction. If I comb my hair upside down while in the shower, the hair at the bottom of my head ends up defying gravity and heading up which just looks really messy...this is really hard to explain so I hope I have made some sense! Basically whichever way I comb my hair and apply products, my hair stays that way, but in the maaaany youtube tutorials I have watched, people comb and style their hair in various ways and still end up with beautiful voluminous curls, whereas I just get flat hair on top and lots of frizz! Does anyone have any suggestions? The ends of my hair are fine, it's just the roots that cause problems.

1 Answer

For my curls, I don't part them until the very end. I detangle my hair in the shower. Once I'm out of the shower, I divide my hair into 4 sections (2 on the top layer of my hair and 2 on the bottom). I evenly distribute product through my hair, and then I flip my head over to scrunch it with a t-shirt. I then use a long sleeve t shirt to plop my hair for 20 minutes. (if you dont know what plopping is, here is a link: I plop, I take the shirt off and THEN I part my hair! I don't comb through my curls to part them, I just part them with my fingers and leave them be. I hope this made sense. If you have questions, feel free to ask!