How do you create volume at roots when air-drying hair? Avoiding heat but now I have flat top!

trying to grow my hair and get it back to healthy, too. (Years of straightening and I now want to embrace my curls instead of fighting them). But, when I let my hair dry naturally, I hate how the top and back both look. It's flat on top, and the ends don't lie well and look a little straggly, some of my hair (from root to ears) won't curl like the rest of it and appears straighter. I just want uniform, shaped curls with some volume at roots. Without the heat. Is It possible?!

1 Answer

Try styling your hair upside down, put your leave in conditioner in while bending forward, tilt your head to the sides and to the same. When you're done styling your hair you can also clip it it at the roots, see this link: