How to get my curls to hold in a wash and go?

 I`m newly natural and I recently washed my hair and noticed my curls have really come back! I still have a long way to go but the progress has been tremendous. However, I can`t seem to get my curls to hold in a wash and go. I`ve tried sleeping with dry hair, pineappling wet hair at night, sitting under a dryer, air drying (not so often due to time), and gels. Nothing seems to work. I end up waking up with flat hair in some areas. Don`t get me wrong in some places there are very defined curls. But towards my roots it tends to get frizzy and lose the curl. My regimen has been either deep conditioning or cowashing. Then I detangle. Afterwards I wash the product out. I soak up the water using a tshirt. Then I apply my leave in conditioner (shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil leave in, a moisturizer (shea moisture thickening hair milk), and some type of gel ( curls gel, naturally you defining hair creme which is like a gel or ecostyler.) then, i either try to pineapple it wet or dry and put on a satin bonnet. It looks pretty at first until I got to sleep. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Two photos are attached, one of my hair after its been washed and has products in it. The other when I woke up in the morning and had to put it back because it looked so badXD 

2 Answers

Looks like the curly parts are towards the end which makes me think they are growing out. I would say cut the wash and go's until you've grown out all of your relaxed ends. Try twist outs and or braid outs, or if you have a good hold product finger coils. Just to get your curl pattern to match. You will need a gel or cream gel that DOESN'T have glycerin in it for this. BTW I love the SheaMoisture JBCO leave in. It's so boss. 
The hair at your roots seems to be a 4c (maybe is too far and I can't see well?). Eventually the part that is curly will grow out and you will end up with a 4c in all your head. I don't think you are going to have 3c curls at the end of this process.