Curly/crimped roots, Straight ends???

Hi!,I have no idea why but my hair is basically crimped on the roots then pin straight on the ends! The underlayer of my hair has some spiral curls but my hair was never this curly at the roots. It was kind of loose curls throughout my hair. I don't know if my hair is going through some weird change or something but if someone has an explanation that would be so helpful. Also does any body know what kind of hairstyles would work for me? Mousse only makes the roots even curlier and the ends's too frizzy for almost any hairstyle and I only like putting heat on it from a salon. If anybody could please help me out here that would be so great! (The closest thing I could find to a hairstyle is 3b but more crimped...) 

2 Answers

I know you're dreading this answer but you'll have to either big chop OR cut of all the straight ends gradually. Make sure to moisturise your hair as much as possible!!!
It sounds like to me you are suffering from heat damage. If you regularly get relaxers, perms, or straightening done to your hair, it can cause breakage and you can lose some your curl pattern. The solution for this is either getting a big chop, or cutting of the damage (as I did.) Just make sure to keep your hair moisturized and avoid using heat for sometime, and I promise you your curls will come back! (: