What are some cute hairstyles for 3a hair?

so, I've been going on 73 days with no heat to help my hair grow healthy and try to make my curls come back. Right now I have 3a curls but they used to be much tighter so I've decided not to use heat for awhile and it's helping a little. I don't know how to style my hair anymore and I get so tempted to just flat iron it but heat damage is real :( what are some cute ways I can wear my hair natural? 

1 Answer

I have 3a hair, and I'm a different hair style a day type of girl. Some of my favourites are the half up half down. This can be accentuated with a clip or some kind of accessory. I tend to not clip my hair on the back of my head, but rather on the sides near the crown.IF you don't know how to braid hair, I do suggest learning. There are a ton of great tutorials on youtube.com It's really easy to do and it's a basic hair skill. A nice loose and chunky braid can be a curly girls best friend on the days that your hair just isn't co-operating. Plus it looks more intentional than a bun. I also like using those hair donuts for a different type of bun. It's more of a ballerina bun and looks gorgeous in curly hair.