Can You difuse short curl hair?

I have short curls.  I've Always Had Longer curls, so I'm still kind of getting use to that.  I recently discovered diffusing.  I never needed to use a hair dryer so I didn't know lol.So I wanted a ton a videos of people difusing. All of them have long hair of course.  I've always loved volume with my hair, plug it takes all day to dry so I figured why not. I got one. But it was only a diffuser.  It's from bedhead. All it did was make my hair frizzy.  Is my hair not long enough?  Is it cux it's not a hair dryer? Am I doing something wrong? 

1 Answer

My hair is just a bit longer than yours and I diffuse perfectly. It may be the products you used (or not using any) or the way you diffused. I sometimes notice some frizz in the upper center of my head when I duffuse so I just let the air of the hair drier flow to that part instead of trying to scrunch it...sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Try again until your perfect the process, it is definitively worth it when you need to wash your hair and kick the road.