Does alcohol-free gel break your hair if you use it on a daily/weekly basis?

I need some help here, curlies. I style with the one and only Eco Styler Olive Oil gel each week and if I'm being bad, I use it a little more on a couple days of the week. Sometimes, when I leave my hair out to go to school, people touch up my hair and ask me why I use gel and why my hair is so hard. I get so sick of them telling me this! Even when I scrunch the crunch out, it returns! Then they tell me that my hair will break off if I continue using gel. Well, will it? How to get them to stop hair-raping me? *LOL* Sometimes, I want to flip the bird and tell them to leave me alone, but we gotta keep it classy, since I'm at school. Also, Nikki, what is your hair routine? I have gawjess 3c curls like yourself. Bear in mind, I live in Trinidad, so I may not get some of the American products you use. *Sorry for the rambling*. Also, congrats on your engagement!

1 Answer

AYEEE TRINI!! :) Im not from Trinidad. I just love when my friends from there do that. I'll be honest, I only use gel on high humidity days. Not really sure of the humidity in Trinidad. I think gels are great but even those that are alcohol free can be drying. Anyway, after the gel dries follow up with a light oil to break the crunch. This should make your hair softer. Now for me, my normal routine is the LOC method. Homegirl... this method is so bomb from 3c hair.  I use Knot Today (if you can't find this just use your best light moisturizer or water) to detangle and leave-in, then coconut, jojoba, or olive oil, then Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Creme- if you don't have this, there are TONs of curl cremes out there.ALSO... ( I love to play with products/ so glad you asked me this question) you can mix your EccoStyler with a moisturizing curl cream and make a cream-gel!! You'll get the benefits of moisture and the hold, definition, and shine of a gel. Test this out. :)On hair touching.... -If they ask "Can I touch your hair?" just be like "Yea, just let me run my sticky fingers all through yours first?" or "No"-If they don't ask and just raise their hand to reach out and touch, give them a high five and be like... "Hey! High Five!" They'll be so confused, yet they'll get the message.Lastly, you're hair will not break off from simply using gel. Breakage happens in conjunction with other bad hair habits like lack of moisture, over manipulation, not trimming, etc... So, if you take good care of your hair, you will be fine. A GREAT read: