Does a diffuser really make a difference when adding volume and defining curls?

I've always struggled with styling my hair especially since I've always had it waist length so my curls were never really defined and I just had this limp mess on my head. About 5 months ago I cut my hair in layers the shortest being at my shoulder and the longest only being 3 inches down my back and instantly my curls were tighter and bouncier and I loved it but my roots would never curl. Recently I've been watching styling videos and they all use a diffuser. So down to the point, I want to know if its the diffuser that causes their roots to curl and add more volume of if its just their hair type. Thank you (:

1 Answer

Personally I've found that there was less frizz when diffused. Plus if I don't use a diffuser sometimes my hair shrinks more resulting in a mushroom cap look. Hope this helps :)