Why does finger coiling not work for me?

When I try to enhance curls by twirling a curl around my finger the curl always gets flatter... why?

2 Answers

I love this method. This is my go to styling method , and Im 2b. Maybe try again . Make sure to condition well in shower , rinse out., Make sure your hair is  very wet  when you apply the products. Then you can see your natural clumps ( curls) then try to finger coil those. Sometimes, after I detangle, I have to re -wet or mist my hair to get get ready to do this. Hope this helps. Ps ( I do not twirl around my finger , I kinda twist mine into long ropes)
I don't have any luck with it either. I think (don't know for sure) that it's b/c my hair is so fine and any kind of tension on it just pulls the curl out. I get much better results going away from gravity then encouraging gravity. I think this is why it works fine for people with tighter curls who can stretch their curls without ever don't really losing their curl. So, I get my best results from scrunching and diffusing and for a really misbehaving clump.....I pin it into the shape I want and diffuse.