Why does my hair lose volume so quick? How can I make my long, thick hair bigger?! Please help!

So, lately my hair has been really stressing me out! I've attached a picture of what it looks like. I'm usually pretty happy with my hair right after I style it but after about an hour or so it goes so flat ( especially at the roots)! Sometimes it even starts to lose its curl.. or "twist" I guess. I really love big, crazy hair. I would really love to find products or anything that could help. I've tried everything! Please help!

2 Answers

I feel your pain, only you have more hair to start with than me! So far, I have found that I do best with a harder hold gel like LA Looks. I rarely diffuse my hair, only because I'm lazy ,but it can def help with volume! I scrunch out the crunch once my hair is dry with a little bit of V05 conditioner on my hands (that's my co-wash). I have tried lighter gels but they do nothing for hold or volume once I scrunch out the initial crunch! I get my best volume with Kinky Curly Knot Today, followed by Kinky Curly Curling Custard and finally LA Looks gel. I also avoid glycerin in the Summer b/c that causes my hair to frizz and lose curls. As for volume at your roots....it may not happen with your hair type, weight, length etc. The most helpful thing for that would be to add some layers to release some weight but I wouldn't let anyone but a stylist trained in cutting curly hair touch your gorgeous lock. Also, if you aren't familiar with the Curly Girl Method you should look it up b/c following CG recommendations can help your hair curl up a bit more! 
 As a stylist, I see a couple of volume challenges. 1st length.The longer the hair the more it weighs, and all of the weight pulls on the roots. If you want to keep the perimeter length, possible solutions: Stronger product to give more hold. Twist styling technique at root to lock in upward movement. Shorter layers, however they should be cut "round", not "concave" which would reduce volume. The other thing I see is: your color has grown out. The new growth is very healthy looking which us great for curl but works against volume because its too slippery/silky, so the hair has no friction in order to stack. That is the definition of volume the hairs ability to stand up by pushing against the other hair around it.