Why don't my curls stay after I was and condition my hair?

When my hair is wet or when I'm washing it , I have really beautiful curls. As soon as it dries , no matter what products I use, my hair shribbles up and my curls turn into naps. There might be like one curl on my whole head. This is really frustrating because I won't nothing more but to wear my hair completely natural. I'm tired of having to twist it braid every night just to get curls.  And I'm tired of waisting lots of money on products that claim they will work .Please someone help me!

1 Answer

Hi, I'm a Type 4 (4C) like you, and if you're looking to 'freeze' your hair into the 'wet state', apply your leave in and oil as usual and soaking damp hair, then apply a gel (I like Aloe Vera for a soft hold) or any gel you like and rake- google the 'Anthony dickie method for wash n go's'.Beyond that, I found that acceptance made doing my hair much easier. When our hair is wet, it's heavy with water and pulls down from the weight of it, exposing the 'curl'. When it dries, it gets lighter and springs back to normal.Once I started accepting what my hair is, rather than trying to alter it to be what it's not, I found most of my hair questions and problems went away overnight.