Do flexi rods damage hair or make you lose your curl pattern indefinitely?

1 Answer

No Way.  They are great alternative for protective styling your hair. (WITHOUT HEAT) ^_~Via- Curly Nikki; IT GIVES THE HAIR VOLUME. If you’re like many naturals, you secretly prayed for and envisioned having a big wild mane of curly hair. With flexi-rods you can achieve that dream. Trust me on this. I have fine, low porosity hair which means that I don’t naturally have the shiny, bouncy ringlets that some naturals have. However, I have learned to love my hair and understand what its capabilities and limitations are. Using flexi-rods especially on a braid-out gives my hair that boom. The bounce, the life, and the definition are unparalleled to any other protective style I’ve worn. IT’S VERSATILE. Flexi-rods are a wonderful natural hair tool to incorporate into a variety of hairstyles. I recently had someone flat twist the front of my hair and do a braid out on the remaining part of my hair. I decided to flexi-rod the braided section (had never been done) and I was quite pleased with the results. The hair was more stretched than I had ever seen it before and my definition lasted for 2 weeks! With flexi-rods they can be used alone or to add an extra finishing touch to a protective style. THEY GIVE YOU DEFINITION FOR DAYS. Flexi-rods remind me of the saying, “go big or go home.” Flexi-rods go big. There is nothing small or meek about flexi-rods. They do the job and do it well. If you’re someone that has fine hair then purchase flexi-rods. They will give your hair extra staying power while wearing styles and spruce up those strands. You’ll be the prototype for big hair, don’t care. Like Nike, I recommended you 'just do it'!THEY PROMOTE HAIR HEALTH. As I previously mentioned, stretching natural hair without the use of heat results in less tangles and ultimately less breakage. Not to mention there are a couple of other benefits. Unlike some other hair tools, flexi rods are made of foam with a sleek protective coating on the outside. They do not snag, pull, or tug at your hair strands. Hope this helps... (: