Formal hair styling- halp!

Hello all! I'm going to be in a wedding and will be having my hair professionally styled. Honestly, I trust myself more than a random stylist, but there's no way I'll have time. So stylist it is. I want to have loose waves/curls put in my hair. So they're going to have to straighten it first then curl. I've perfected this with my chi, but will they know how to tame crazy curls then curl it again? Sorry if that's a dumb question, I've never had that done professionally before! I'm also clueless as to how I'm supposed to style it before I get my hair done. Are you supposed to put products in when you wash it the night before? They recommend I don't but I'm worried. If I don't load it with tons of products when it's soaking wet (my hair is super non-porous) then I'm gonna have a crazy frizz ball for the wedding, no matter how well they style it once it's dry. Not to mention without gels etc I'll basically have a crazy Afro they'll have to wrangle. Wah. Anyone been in my situation before? All advice is muy appreciated!**I should mention I'm a bridesmaid and won't be able to pick the stylist. A hair wash isn't included in the styling so I'm going to have to put my own product in after I wash it beforehand.

1 Answer

Ask your salon to use a professionally trailered hairdresser in you who has had curly experience, don't wash your hair before you get there as they will probably do it for you but if not, co-wash and add a leave in. When you get there if you're concerned about the profits (gel/mouse) bring in your own but it's unlikely as they re a salon and probably have a butt load of professional products and if all goes bad just have a wash and go. Good luck