defining my curls and tame frizz

I've been transitiong for a year now from perm but i would blow it out every 2 weeks for 6 months -I realized that if I'm going to go natural I should cut out the heat completely . So for the past 7 months I've had no direct heat on my hair but now that I'm trying to do wash and go's it's really hard because I have weak curl definition in the back of my hair and as soon as I come out the shower my hair frizzes (picture 1 &2 down below ) . And even when I try to define the curl with gel & Shea butter you could see my curl a little more but it's still extremely frizzy and my curl doesn't stay and it  turns into a fro  (picture 3&4)  . I don't know what to do because it's frustrating seeing curls when my hair is wet but can't style it anyway. Please someone help how could I eliminate the frizz ? How could I define my curls? P.s. I believe I have 3c/4a hair My hair is really thick & dry 

1 Answer

You may have heat damage. Have you big chopped or are you still transitioning?