Going to bed with wet hair? How??

I usually go to bed with my hair wet, right out of the shower. I use a leave-in conditioning spray, a curl definer,and a gel (in that order) I scrunch the gel and then go to bed. I sleep on my back so I usually "drape" my hair over my pillow. (It's super long) When I wake up, my curls have become cast in the gel and I scrunch again in the morning to make them soft. (Makes my curls look great! ) BUT.... I hate that I'm putting all that product on my pillow. It has already caused my cheeks to kindof break out....what can I do differently to keep my wet hair away from my pillow?I'm pretty sure I'm a 2C/3A/3B combo hair type? 

1 Answer

Plop it! After you put in your products, "plop" your hair in an old t-shirt. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube about how to do it, but it will keep your hair of of your face but won't disrupt your curl pattern and you can still scrunch it in the morning as usual.