What are good, cheap conditioners with lots of slip? ( Please answer)

I'm have a hard time with detangling as my detangler (Vo5) doesnt help to detangling at all. It makes my hair dry and brittle, worse than just water.     But something cheap (10 bucks or less) without silicones and parabens. Thanks

2 Answers

I also have 4a hair, and all of these work pretty darn well!- Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner- Trader Joe's Spa Nourish Conditioner- Aussie Moist Conditioner- TreSEMME Luxurious Moisture ConditionerI was literally in Walmart today and all of these are under $6! The Trader Joe condtioner is at Trader Joes for about $4.Good Luck!
vo5, suave shea butter and almond conditioner, tresseme naturals conditioner, Cantu Shea butter naturals conditioner, organix conditioner just to name a few.