My hair is 3a/3b. No matter what I try, I can't part my hair to make it look good. What do I do?

I've tried shaking it when it's wet to get a natural part, putting it all over to either side, shaking it when its dry, middle parts, side parts, etc. The top section of my hair always seems to be poofy, undefined, and/or out of place. The roots of my hair are also well maintained so I do not know why this is such a problem.

2 Answers

I'd suggest going to a stylist. A good stylist will cut your hair to shape with the part you prefer. I always make sure to do my part before my stylist starts cutting. Then they build the right shape for where your hair is actually laying.Also, make sure to part and place your hair before adding product. It will make sure you have the right distribution! Then the "top" of your hair will have the right hold and the "undersides" will be covered.
Try styling with your hair already parted. I like get out of the shower with my hair soaking wet, add my leave in, and then part my hair. I keep my part part when I apply all my products. Take care to add plenty of leave in and styler to the parts of your hair that get poofy and to the canopy of your hair. Don't let your hair dry out while applying products, the water will help keep the definition. Try sealing the canopy of your hair with an oil to keep in the moisture and prevent it from getting poofy.