my hair is breaking

I  beennatural for over a year. And since my Big Chop I had significant hair growth. But now it seem like what ever style im wearing wen I try to do something fancy it get extremely dry and break when I take down. What are some safer ways to style my hair. So itll last long and will be east to moisturize

1 Answer

Hey Moe.  It sounds like you've reached the length where your coils and kinks need a bit more TLC in order to maintain the health and strength of your hair and retain length.  I suspect you've been over manipulating it.  Kinky hair is the most fragile and porous of all the hair textures. So, stop doing the most. Instead of daily styling, opt for a look that allows you to go a week or two, (or three or four) without combing or brushing your strands.  I'm a big fan of two strand twists or protective 'dos with added hair such as Havana twists.  If you're working with your own hair, braid your twists at the root, and they'll stay longer.  For extensions, use a lightweight hair like Marley and watch out for those edges.  Best of luck.