My hair is curly at the front and underneath but a lot straighter/wavy at the back!

2 Answers

Hi, it sounds like you have two different curl patterns. I have the same issue with my hair except that it's straighter in the front and curly in the back. If I use a diffuser to blow dry my hair (when it's already 75% dry) this really helps to bring the curls out for me in the sections that are usually straight. Hope this helps!
I agree with Cristina you are multi textured! You know, you can use different products in different parts of your hair.. I use on my straight and finer front and hairline curl enhancing products and an oil everywhere else. If there are stubborn bits I tend to get either my curling wand or curl secret and spot curl the ends. As a last resort you could look into spot perming which if done correctly, could make it curlier?