Hair cut too short - any tips/trick until grown out

I got a haircut from my Aunt yesterday (she's a retired professional)  but she got a little too scissor happy and instead of just picking up the back of my hair to make an inverted bob (like asked), she took a couple inches off the front as well so now the curls just hit my jaw-line.I don't hate it, but I don't think it's a good look for me. So: here's hoping someone has some tips/tricks/recommendations for styling until I get some length back. My daily regimen:Shampoo my hair every other day with Nature's Gate aloe vera shampoo, condition every-day with Suave Naturals almond & shea butter conditioner.After shower, on wet hair I apply Eden's natural curl creme, comb through, part hair (left side), wait 5mins until curls re-form, scrunch, and then plop for 20-30mins. Finally I give it a once-over with the hair-dryer and a last scrunch to soften any crunchiness. Please keep in mind for hair products that I'm scent sensitive and can't handle any floral or overly scented products. Thank you! :)

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Can you post a picture? It actually sounds pretty cute!