my hair is flat on top, and terribly huge on bottom. How do get it to be voluminous on top too?

1 Answer

This is a very common curly haired problem, and one that I have honestly not mastered. It's called "triangle head" by many curlies, because your hair looks like a triangle. There are a couple of tricks that you can try: 1. Don't part your hair, let it fall where it naturally falls. This will help the hair on top of your head stay that way. 2. Try using duckbill clips - this is a popular method that curlies use to add volume to the top. Here's an article so you can learn more about it. Diffuse or use hair spray upside down - if you diffuse your hair, try doing it upside down so that the top of your head will get the heat and dry up. If you don't diffuse, try what I do. I use a dry shampoo or a dry finish hair spray to give the top of your head volume. Turn your head upside down, and spray over your head. When you come back up, you should have more volume. I've attached an image of my favorite dry finish spray. It's called Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Finish. :)