My hair looks very uneven, when dry (after a couple of months of cutting it) help!

I keep my hair down, after a couple of months after a cut, the hair on the back of my head, dries up so tight.  It looks so uneven, I hate it, I usually cut it in layers, front is a bit shorter than the back to try to avoid it.  What do you guys recommend? or what cut should I do. Picture is a bit dark. I'm a 3b, use some tresemme mouse with some Shea Moisture coconut milk creme. Seems like the inside on my back of head hair has tighter curls. hard to tell in pic. In the pic it doesnt look so uneven, it was second day hair. Sometime the back head hair dries up to shoulder length, meanwhile sides dry up past shoulder.when hair is wet its halfway down my back.

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