My the hair at the nap of my neck doesn't go up with my hair. Any ideas to hide it?

I wear my hair up everyday because I have to, but the hair at the nap of my neck stays down. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Any ideas to hide them or attempt to fix the problem??? Please help!

3 Answers

You could use a good gel or bobby pin it down & if you don't want the pins to show use a good headband! 
the gel. And bobby pins don't work, I've tried it. But I will try the hair band. Thank you!
Well I can tell you the regimen that works to keep my edges smooth in both the front and back. I style my hair the night before if I am doing a pony, bun or updo. I use a water based gel like Eco styler and smooth down my edges then I follow with a little bit of a  thicker gel designed just for edges like Hick's Edges, or Edge Control by ORS (my favorite) and Creme of Nature makes one as well (which is a good one to avoid buildup). If you have to use a brush use a soft boar hair brush or a tooth brush because a hard one will pull your edges out overtime. Then wrap a silk scarf securely around your edges while they are still moist from the gel. When I have a big puff on the back or something that will stop me from laying the scarf flush against my edges, I fold the scarf in half so it just covers only my edges and I put a bonnet over the whole thing. In the morning it will be perfect. Hope this works for you .