Hair in Need of Help

Hi! After many trials I've figured out at least the basic qualities of my hair. I am definitely a low porosity gal, medium density/texture, thick but not course - it gets weighed down easily. I consider myself to be a 2c-3a, I have some looser, big "S" curls on top but smaller curls and ringlets throughout, especially on the bottom. I also tend to have a dry scalp, get frizz, and get build up easily.I've been transitioning using modified CG method for a year come August. I'm a rehabilitated product junkie so I've tried a lot but have lately committed to using the full line whenever trying new products. My hair is healthy for the most part, I've cut it several times and no longer using dye or hot tools. I used hot tools often before my transition but haven't for about 2 years. I do still notice pieces that don't curl which is super frustrating and throws off the look of my curls. I can't tell if its permanent heat damage or just straighter (2A) waves. I haven't done a deep conditioning treatment in about 2 + months because I tend to not see a major difference in my hair's definition and also because my hair feels too soft to retain the curl (on average I've DC for 20 mins and have tried DC treatments with and without heat).My goal is to get my hair as curly as it can be with volume and definition. I have found that oils and pre-pooing leaves my hair too oily and weighed down and a gel usually helps for definition and hold. The styling products I have found to work the best for my hair so far is Bounce Curl and Deva Curl's ultra defining gel - though I haven't used this since I first started transitioning. I notice products with aloe vera and other plant-based ingredients seem to work pretty good. I also get frustrated because I cant tell if I'm using too much or not enough products. It seems like my hair needs a lot but then I get scared to weigh it down, so I usually use water and add some more product when I am refreshing for day 2, 3, etc. A last thing to add about that is I feel the product never looks even distributed. When styling I usually section my hair in 2 parts down the middle, but I've tried 4 parts and feel the curls form even less. I guess I'd want to know what styling and products tips do you think would work best to get desired results for my hair, what do you think may be missing in my routine? Also interested in any hair twins you may know about because I have yet to find someone to get ideas from on what to do and how to do it!Thanks so much for any advice or suggestions you may have!! 

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We have similar hair but I think that your is little bit more curly than mine. I find that using gel helps with frizz and definition I cant use curl creams cause  I get a lot of frizz. I cant get volume or at least not a lot of volume but I guess that is because of my hair type. For more definiton you should try finger coiling with bit of gel it works for me. I used to diffuse for volume but it creates frizz so I use clips and air dry. I hope I helped if you want to know more about my routine I would be happy to share. :)