My hair is similair to Zendaya's hair (2c-3a, how can I define my curls the best way?

3 Answers

Hey, for your hair type I would suggest while washing your hair to really pack on the conditioner and while getting out of the shower drying your hair using the scrunching method this will promote curl definition and the spirals in your 3a pattern to really pop. I wouldn't  suggest using gel as that will weigh down your hair and make it feel a little greasy and sticky. However invest in a frizz-free serum as that will help to tame fly away and to also give as much definition minus the frizz obviously. You could try some curl creams but nothing very heavy I suggest sticking to perhaps a foam based one as anything else you may not like. I hope this helps.
natural curls are beautiful !! I think you should ; wash , deep condition , moisturize and twist then dry . Style once it dry and twist are in place . i use shea moisturize products and coconut oil , its light and natural for all hair type . Sometimes I use gels to enhance my curls , but it all depends on your hair type . You should explore and try different hair ingredients . But if you are not sure at all what to do , seek a professional stylist  . Good luck ! 
keep it simple to maximize healthy hair. use only curl friendly products. never allow anyone to straighten your hair because it could burn your curls away for good (new hair will grow healthy). get regular trims (every 3 months) to keep blunt ends that will style better. don't apply heavy products to your hair because they will build up and remove curls. steer away from silicones and sulfates. my blog has helpful tips