My hair started doing this after showers? help!!

since 2 months my hair started doing these '2D'-curls after showering => They go a little bit back to normal afterwards, but I still have some flat waves instead of normal curls (especially on top of my head). My hair used to look great after plopping, but now it only gets more of those flat curls. I really don't know what I do wrong?

1 Answer

Hi krulkrulkrul,It's really hard to know without knowing the rest of your routine and products, but my guess would be product buildup may be causing them to clump together or weighing them down. Have you clarified lately? When I have flat waves that don't form the way I like I typically dampen them with water in the morning and reshape them with my fingers, or you could create a pincurl with a bobby pin to encourage it to curl. That's what works for me!