Hair sticks out on outer layer/top, pretty underneath?!

Okay so I have been wearing my hair curly lately, as opposed to straight, and the actual curls are really pretty, especially underneath. The only thing is that my top layer (the outside of my hair) tends to stick out a lot and get sort of frizzy (not too frizzy), but it looks really weird and I'm not sure how to fix it. The hair underneath is super pretty and hangs down very nicely. Any tips or suggestions on how to make my top layer behave?!Thank you! :)

3 Answers

I have this exact same problem! Would love to hear a solution.My "under hair" is shiny and smooth!
Your hair is probably not used to being worn curly. You can try putting more product on the top layer and finger twirling that part too; this will help encourage the curl and the product should control the frizzies. Eventually your top layers will begin to curl again :)
Try parting your hair in a different place or sweeping it straight back without a part, to give that top layer a bit of a rest for a month or two. You might also want to try a different products on the top; cut out any drying products or products that leave build up (gels, hairspray, silicone based serums) & try a heavier moisturizer to coddle that top layer back into a healthier state, scrunching/twirling it as your go. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, consider applying a sunscreen your hair as well.