Hair styles for 4a hair???

Does any one have any good hairstlyes that I could wear durring school,church, party's ,events???? My hair is a 4a/b I don't want anything fancy just somthing different. I hate putting my hair in cornrows and braids (but french braids are fine) I always but my hair up in a bun or a sock bun and I want to wear different styles. I try to do different stlyes but they always look bad or don't work out as well. Here are a list of hair stlyes that I try but they don't work. Buns (I do them 24/7) Corn rows (they look bad on me) Letting my hair out/down (it never stays down and people at my school will keep touching it all day then they will keep asking questions) Pony tail (becase my hair is 4a/b, it will turn into one big poof, which people will also want to touch) Weave (people will make fun of me, at school) French braids (they never turn out good and the ends always stick up and out.) There are many problems that occur with other styles but those were just a few. When my hair is straitened there are a variety of Styles that I could do, but that doesn't mean I want to get a relaxer. If anyone has any Styles, I would a appetiate if you shared them with me. My hair length is about 2-3 inches below my neck but each strand is is about 10-11 inches.

1 Answer

You could always try individual twists and braids with your own hair. Fro hawks are really cool and easy to do; they look good on almost everyone. Try using a banana clip to make a french roll. I used to do that a lot; they take a little bit of effort and time, but they keep your hair up and out of the way.Sounds to me that the issue isn't styling options- there are plenty of them out there for you. The issue is people not respecting your right to YOUR space and not being touched. If someone reaches for your hair tell them no and if they don't respect that tell the authorities at school. If they do nothing, tell your parents and if all else fails press charges for harassment. Let them know you are playing NO games. It sucks that people pick on you for wearing weaves. I used to get picked on a lot and I learned to laugh at them or with them instead of letting it get to me. They stopped picking on me real quick. I learned two things early in life: 1) Letting words hurt you is a choice. You can choose to either let the hurt fester or you can choose to live life regardless of what people say and stop caring; 2) learn to laugh at yourself... it makes life so much easier.Not sure what kind of school you go to or if there are very many people like you that go there, but it sounds to me that you are a unique individual. Cherish that, love it, and rock your fro wherever you go! :)