What hair styles can I do for shoulder length, 3c hair?

I'm always wearing my hair down. But it's summer, and my hair isn't really helping to keep me cool. It falls in my face, even though I try to wear headbands, and making my face break out. So are there any hairstyles, preferably up do's, that I might be able to try? PS. I'm 13, so I'm not really looking for fancy styles. I'd really appreciate if you could maybe provide a link to a hair style video, that might work. THANKS!

3 Answers

U sould take a look at youtube theres all kind of styles u can try suchvas bun,  Twistouts, breaid outs, flat twist. Theres so much u can do. Just take a look. Good luck.
First of all, let me commend you for even embarking on doing your own hair. At your age I was happy to let my mom and my grandma handle it.  My advice would be to take it easy, and look for quick simple styles like buns to get you out of the house quickly.  Check out these Lazy Naturals hair for styling inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdP_4f9x811QylLQfauF9hWYcWtNX3tjl
Your hair is at an ideal length where you can do all kinds of fun styles. These are some of my favorite YouTube channels for easy-to-do styles: iknowlee, Mini Marley, Yolanda Renee, the Chic Natural and My Natural Sistas.