hair styling suggestions for school?

when i am on school i serious have no idea how i need to style my hair so if you guys know cool, great, cute, big hairstyles etc. please answer me thank you my curlfriends

3 Answers

Depending on your age, the are SOOO many things you can now do with your hair.  The updos like buns and braids are awesome.  You can do protective styles like marley braids or crochet weaves which are very healthy for the hair.  Or you can rock a twist out and pin the front back so it is out of your face. 
Use this video :) it has 21 styles <3 hope this helps ! 
I usually look for hairstyles that require curled hair for obvious reasons. I recommend braids and getting lots of hair accessories like bows or headbands. As long as you're confident it will look great! :)