Hair takes longer to style 2nd day onward than it would to just start over - HELP!

So, I'm somewhere in the 2c-3b range, irish hair, coarse, dense, thick, collarbone length. In summer time I usually just wet hair and condition, apply products, let air dry, and look unkempt, whcih I don't like but it works with my time schedule. In winter, it's faster to wet, condition, blowdry and slap a beanie on it, whcih actually looks a bit more intentional and professional. anyway, as I grow out my hair (again) and it is winter, i've been trying to not have to wet/condition it every day. So far I have tried and failed with the following:Pineapple. Hair at nape is too short, and gets tangly. Hair at crown goes flat. Ends are bushy. I look sloppy and frizzy, even though my hair isn't "frizzing".Braids. Tried two regular braids. Two dutch braids. Four regular braids pinned up. Result: Flat hair, bushy ends, too tight a crimp (my hair holds a curl or structure very well without any products). Unsatisfactory results."Beachy Waves" set - divide hair into two sections on top, two on bottom. Twist each section, coil (like Princess Leia buns), pin. Result: Flat at roots, overly voluminous in the middle, frazzled ends with "fish hooks".In all cases, the repair required significant amounts of water/conditioner sprayed throughout, reapplication of coconut oil or other pomade-textured product to lay it down. I think my biggest frustration is that my red, curly hair is writing a check my personality and lifestyle cannot cash. It just screams "bohemian innocent" when I feel more like "badass vixen" or "no nonsense professional. Please understand that i LOVE my natural texture and color, I have never chemically straightened it, don't want to, and don't want to be wed to a blow dryer, have never successfully flat-ironed or curling-ironed my hair. I want to wake and look effortlessly mussed, not feral. But this "save time by sleep styling" stuff just hasn't been working for me - any suggestions? (eh, not sure why this part is in a giant text size. Sorry.)

1 Answer

Let me tell you, it is a lot easier to just start over each day on your hair; I did this for a whole year. I never truly understood what the point was of doing your hair to last for the week. I have hair that can just be let out every day (I don't though) so I just redid it. But I finally got the products that made me understand second day hair. I use cantu shea butter deep conditioner and there activating cream. These two product give me great results and long lasting hair. I know how it is to have short hair and style it one thing you should try is bantu knots. These work great at defining your curls other than that the only thing would be the products that you use. Well I hope this helps and answers your questions fell free to comment if you have any more questions.