My hair is tighter, maybe shorter in the back of my neck. How do I fix this?

I have type 3b/3c hair that is about shoulder length or a little longer. My issue is that for some reason my hair by the back of my neck appears shorter than the rest of hair, so it looks funny. I have to admit I do cut my own hair (dry of course, and only when the ends are split) but I don't think this is a product of me cutting my own hair. No matter how much I try to even it out, it always remains the same. It looks like a section of my hair is missing or cut way too short. (picture attached) My question is how do I style or fix this? Do I need to chop off all my other curls to match this length? Has anyone else experienced this?

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I have the opposite problem where the bottom hair is looser curls, the sides and middle back are curly and the top of my head is the tighter curls. Add different porosities because it has a mind of it's own and usually I never get the same outcomes when I wash and go. It could be that cutting certain sections will cause some of the hair to become even curlier because there's no extra weight to keep it weighed down. The solution I find to do is section my hair after washing it and braiding it to get a uniform curl mostly around the head. If not that I would use curlformers (or similar NO HEAT tools), but that got tiring so I just braid. Another thing which may or may not help is clumping the hair or finger curling it to define it, incase it's not settling right. I use a small plastic brush, not the kind that make the hair flare but clump.(It actually makes the curls look matching almost). You don't need to use one, it works for me and clumps my mainly 3b hair. It might make ringlets around your hair if that's something you want.I hope you find a way or maybe a better solution. Someone else could have a better answer, mine is just basically when you wash your hair, apply product, style/use the clumping brush.Here is a picture of my hair so you can see my hair.The crazy curls everywhere is how it looks when I just regular wash, put stuff in and leave it. You can SEE the curls that are loose, ones that are doing what they want and some that try to behave. The back ALWAYS looks like they are different lengths.The darker pic (srry lighting) is how it looks when combed down (it then curls more or does w.e it wants if there's no extra product like gel) . The brush I used clumps them somewhat identical. (And yes the obvious straighter patches usually need a bit of help or as you seen in first one it will frizz out everywhere)The last picture is what I'm using now, except I'm not using much of the kinky curly because it doesn't exactly agree with my hair and leaves some product build up in my hair. I've started to use Cantu products and my hair thanks me for it.I was going to include other pictures when my hair was longer but I don't have the right ones. Good luck and hope I maybe helped spark an idea how to fix :)
Well unfortunately after consulting a devacurl specialist she said the chunk missing is a result of a bad hair cut on my part. The only way to fix it was to cut it and shape it. I got an actual devacut and it is shaped much better but unfortunately my hair is now much much shorter. Tears. I miss my length but I know it needed to be done. Here is the result of my new hair cut: 
Mina1- thank you for the compliment, I really needed to hear that. I'm praying this shorter but healthier look will help aid in faster hair growth. I have learned my lesson and will defintely never take scisors to my own hair again. 
I had a classmate in high school whose hair behaved the same way. I think a DevaCut would be the best option if you really want your hair to appear even while curly, but then you have to remember that when you straighten it, it will not be even.