Is my hair type 3a? And how do I style it?

well first off, I feel like my hair is type 3a, but I feel like it doesn't get the biggest curl it can possibly get. It's been acting weird lately. Like it gets very dry and frizzy. A product will dry it out easily, I feel like I need to use a different product every day to keep my hair from getting used to it and not working or frizzing up. When I twirl it while it's wet it doesn't really twirl like a lot of people in the videos I see but once it dries it twirls a bit. It's just very hard and confusing to deal with. I never know how it's going to look. What are some routines I can do? Is my hair type 3a?

1 Answer

Hi!I have a mix of 3A with 3B curls underneath.  For my hair i shampoo every other day because it keeps it mosturized without weighing it down as much.  As soon as I get out of the shower I comb Curly Sexy Hair's curling cream, then i flip my head over and lightly scrunch Herbal Essecnces Naked Mousse in my hair (LOVE the scent and No silicones!).  Next, I use the ploping method for drying my hair. I only leave it on for 20-30 min max.  Then, I apply a SMALL amount of Clear Ice gel. To finnish it off i take a dime sized amount of Morroccan Oil which is great for moisture, frizz combat, and also doubles as a heat protectant.Well I hope this helps! (: