Having trouble plopping with a jac-o-net

I can't seem to plop with a jac-o-net. None of the curls seem to accordion in place, they all go forward towards my forehead. Also I can't get it tight enough to hold my curls in place there is a lot of extra room on top. When I try to adjust it it just slips off. Help!

2 Answers

Hi Eapragar, I personally can't vouch for plopping, but I know many curlies have found it the perfect method for maximum curl definition. That being said, I've never seen any curlies use the jac-o-net for plopping. I think most curlies like to use an old t-shirt. I would try switching over to that. Good luck! 
I agree with Eapragar, I'm 3c4a for curl reference, but nothing works better than an old tshirt for plopping IMO.