Can a headwrap be worn by a curly girl of non-African descent?

I am a mixed Latina with A LOT of curls (mostly 3b with some 3c). As a result, styling and keeping my hair moisturized day after day becomes difficult without rewetting/taking another shower. I always thought that using a headwrap would be a wonderful way to protect and take a break from pulling my back into buns. Plus, I think that the cultural component to the headwraps makes them extra special. However, because I m not well-educated in African culture nor am I African-American, I fear that I may offend someone who is of African descent. What is your opinion? Do you think it is okay for other curly girls, who are also not of African descent, to wear a headwrap?

1 Answer

Hey! Yes of course! Any one can wear a headwrap! And by the sounds of things sounds like it would suit you. Why would a headwrap be exclusive only to someone of African descent? Sorry just sounds crazy to me! you can get some nice ones, I would love to wear one but I have a small head so I don't like wearing head wraps or head bands lol