heatless 3a hair routines please?

I need some kind of hair routine for my 3a hair, but my problem is that i'm still in school so i don't have time to air dry, but i just got my hair ombred and i'm scared the use of too much heat will damage it more than it already is. plus, i'm not sure which products will help because i currently use mousse and it makes it too crunchy, but not using mousse leaves it really frizzy. any kind of routine will help. 

1 Answer

When you wake up, spray your hair with some water until it's damp and add two pumps of conditioner to all of your hair. Since mousse makes your hair crunchy, try a gel. I don't suggest hairspray because it's sticky and doesn't hold very well. (Gel dries fast). Fans produce cool air so stand in front of a fan for a couple of minutes until it's dry or. Just stand outside!