Help! I love Deva Curl Defining Gel but it gives me breakouts!

I have 3b hair and thought I found my perfect styling product with Deva Curl Light Defining Gel, but I realized it is the sources of my breakouts. Does anyone know of a product for 3b hair that works similarly but won't cause breakouts? I prefer something that will give me some hold, but that won't dry out my hair. The thought of searching for a new product sounds exhausting at this point so any advice really helps! 

2 Answers

I also have 3b hair. Personally, I loved ArcanGel because it gave me a stronger hold than the light defining gel. Some gels that I have found to be comparable are Aussie's instant freeze gel, LA looks sports gel, and shea moisture curling jelly. You can give these a try. For a softer hold, my go-to combination is adding gel with a cream, such as LA looks with Shea moisture curl styling milk. Have fun mixing it up!
I don't have 3b hair but do suffer from product induced breakouts - oils, some esters and fatty acid derivatives and botanical extracts are the usual culprits for me. There are many lists you can search to see which ingredients can be problematic.  This one is a good one to get you started.If you like the ingredients in the Deva gel (the VP/VA copolymer or glycerin, for example), you can look at other gels and their ingredients to find something similar without the problematic ingredients. Become expert at reading ingredient labels and you will learn to steer clear of products that exacerbate your breakouts.  It takes a little research but it is well worth it.