Help identifying my curl pattern?

So I am almost sure I am a 4a. I have more than one pattern that's for sure but the majority of the front of my hair is what I have a hard time identifying. It doesn't always take the same to the other products I use on other parts of my hair which is why I want to better identy what it is. I'm saying 4a and a friend of kind is saying 3c and honestly I hate curl typing because it's confusing for me on myself lol. My hair is totally dry in this photo. These are my bangs. Excuse me I tried to crop out my chill day ratchet was as much as possible lmao, thanks in advance! 

2 Answers

It's a little hard to tell. It almost looks like it starts out wider and tapers off towards the ends. If I just looked at the length of it, I might say 3c.... but looking at primarily the ends, I'd say 4a.
Hair typing is super confusing. You may actually have the same hair type all over but the difference in texture can make it look like much different curl patterns. For instance, my hair is the "same curl type" but the majority of my hair is like wool and the front and nape are like cotton so they look much different when the curls are undisturbed. Also sections of your hair may be reacting to products differently for a number of reasons. A few things to try are a deep protein treatment and an apple cider vinegar rinse. The protein treatment will solidify the the hair strand which can also help you get a better idea on the curl pattern aspect and even out the cuticle so products will work better. Apple cider vinegar rinses also balance out ph levels in the hair.