please help me loosen these curls!

omg im dying w my hair. I have been straightening forever but now I just cant anymore. I gave up (or should I say, gave in haha) I really dont hate my hair, i just have no clue what to do w it! Right now i use deva curl products, and have been experimenting with different ways to dry it when I get out of the shower. the picture posted is actually a decent hair day for me because i physically twisted my hair around my fingers when it was wet. But I need some tips/or product recs for hair like mine!Other things i know about my hair that is apparently important to products-its dries quicklyits frizzy.and the circumfrence of my ponytail is def less than 2 inches- so its not thick!

1 Answer

If it dries quickly it's likely high porosity. And with all the heat styling it's had it probably would benefit from a serious protein treatment like Aphogee but even a lighter one like Hask Keratin would help with the damage. Look into the Curly Girl Method if you haven't already. It looks like it might be a little dry. I know many love DC but I think Shea Moisture has much better variety with fewer pitfalls than the DC product. Many of the DC products have a high amount of glycerin which can cause a little frizz in humid or very dry climates. You may like your curl pattern better with slightly bigger curl clumps. You can check out the Super Soaker method and the Squish to Condish method to help with that. Ideally you won't blot any water out of your hair until after you've applied your products and I would try the LOC method which is (liquid, oil, cream). I have low porosity hair and less than you and have found a light version of this works for me. You could probably use a Shea Moisture Dry Oil Mist possibly mixed with a little actual oil in your hands then applied to your sopping wet hair (Water would be your liquid unless you use a very water based leave in conditioner like Kinky Curly Knot Today, which could go on as your L). For a cream you could try the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In or the their Yucca and Plantain Styling Milk (that's what I use after 4 spritzes of their Coconut and Hibiscus Dry oil mist in my pals and applied to my ends). Hope that helps. You don't need to loosen those gorgeous curls! Once you figure out this curly thing and you get them healthy and feel like you've got a method that works then you might learn to love them not just give in to them! ;)