Help, please. Could everyday ponytails and buns stretch out your curl?

My hair is mostly 3B with 3C at the nape and roots. I havent straightened my hair in 7 months (there was no heat damage) and I haven't dyed my hair in over a year (no texture damage there). I wear ponytails (I gel the front of my hair with EcoStyler because my edges and the front of my hair is very short and frizzy and nothing else heps it lay down) 5 days a week for work, for a year and a half now, and my hair in the front is more loose than the rest. It looks so funky when I try to wear all my hair down. I have to manipulate the front to make it more curly. It makes it look like my hair is uneven because the middle and back is curlier. How can I revert my stretched out curl? Wearing it out isn't professional for work (I work in security and have to wear ponytails and buns).

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