Help with styling short curly hair!

I just got my hair cut short and I really like it! It's great when I straighten it but I'm not crazy about it when it's curly as you can see in the photo. This morning I shampooed, conditioned, applied Marc Anthony Curl Envy Cream and diffused my hair. I was thinking of maybe using the curling iron to define some curls. I need something for shine and how do I make the sides less poofy? Any suggestions would be great. In the mug shot (lol) I was trying to go for a textured look using a pomade, but I think my hair is a bit too long! I did end up with a nice spiky look in the back.

2 Answers

Try parting it in the middle and use some hair accessories, you'll have a lot of fun! Scarves, stand out with short hair. When I pull my hair back, it looks just a little bit longer than yours, I'm 3a and got many short layers, when I wear scarves, the scarf looks great, but my hair stands out! And those are my straight hair friends speaking lol. I also had my hair as short as yours, almost the same haircut. One day at the mall, maybe, look for some hair clips and pull back the top hair (my favorite) and when your hair is wet after all products you use, put your hair down and push your hair up to your hair so it can fall again. I like to put my hair on the edge of my bed laying or to don't use a pillow with my hair between my head and pillow - so when my curls air dry, that way they happen to have more life dry than when I'm standing up or sitting. This way gravity helps me to get more volume :)I think it'd look better when curly if you try to get a general roundy/ball shape of your hair. IGood luck!
Hi Erin, I made a video to answer your question, you can watch it here! hope that helps, and I'm happy to answer any other pixie questions you have. Best, Cristina