Hey babes, can you please tell me which diffuser attachment is the best to get big curly hair? i

I'm also looking for products for my hair type... do you think that miss jessie's products will work for my 3a curly hair? and i also don't have volume at all... my hair is so flat :( Please help me.. don't ignore this!

2 Answers

Miss Jessie's actually sells a very inexpensive diffuser attachment. It appears to fit on most dryers and is an ideal shape to my visual eye although I have not personally tried it. For volumized hair you want to use a product that is very light weight yet defining. Something that can "clump" your curls together. Turn your head upside down with the product in your hair and diffuse from the bottom up. You may scrunch your hair at this time. When almost dry, tilt your head back to standing position and let air dry. After the hair begins to dry do not touch your hair with your fingertips. If you must touch, use the flat edge of a comb. Now for product selection. Since you brought up Miss Jessie's, I would recommend a few things. You can use the Pillow Soft Curls, Jelly Soft Curls or the Quick Curls. Here is a link to check out: http://missjessies.com/Styling/Wavy-Hair
Aww thanks love! about the MJ's products... do you think that miss jessie's multicultural curls will work good for my hair? because i really do have fine hair! do you recommend something that will give me big hair and volume?